The gProfiler

Production Profiling Made Easy


gProfiler is Granulate's open-source continuous production code profiler that helps teams identify performance bottlenecks that hurt performance and raise costs. Using this tool, development teams can optimize performance and reduce the cloud bill at the end of the month.

As an optimization company, we are obligated to have our code performant with minimal latency and optimal responsiveness all the time. We decided to build our own profiler that could meet our strict requirements: supporting multiple kernel versions, staying consistent and accurate across various programming languages, and with minimal overhead.

What Makes Our Profiler Unique?

  • Open-source: An open-source package for community use

  • Plug and play installation: Seamless installation without code changes and with minimal effort

  • Immediate visibility: Facilitates immediate visibility into production code - up and running in less than 5 minutes

  • Low overhead: Minimal performance overhead and less than 1% utilization penalty

  • Continuous: Designed to work continuously, facilitating effective analysis of performance issues in all environments, in real time

  • Wide coverage: Native support for Java, Go, Python, Scala, Clojure, PHP , and Kotlin applications. Planned support for Node.js, Ruby coming very soon

From Profiling to Optimization

Adding to its basic functionality the gProfiler allows for a dry analysis of your application's data flow and resource usage patterns on a specific node. Running the gProfiler on 2-4 instances will allow Granulate to provide an accurate estimation of the performance improvement and cost reduction the Granulate agent will achieve prior to initiating a POC.

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