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Granulate Process

Working with Granulate

Working with Granulate at a Glance:

  • Deploy in less than 3 minutes, using a single command line
  • Start with a single VM to experience our benefits in a contained environment
  • See results in less than 5 days
  • Expand to the entire cluster and enjoy compounding cost reduction

The Full Granulate Process:

1. Identify and Qualify the Most Relevant Workloads for the POC:

Balance between the most important workloads and the ones with the greatest chances of success. Based on that requirements, we define the POC environment and success criteria.
Check out our best use cases

2. gProfiler Diagnostics

Based on similar workloads, our best practices, and an initial profiling system, Granulate provides you with an accurate estimate of the improvements in performance and cost reduction throughout the process.
Get to know our profiling tool

3. Simple and Frictionless Deployment

  • Easy: Installing and running Granulate requires no R&D efforts and no code changes. Our solution is installed using a single command line, and then loaded dynamically onto your system requiring no reboots or any configuration changes.
  • Fast: Installation takes 5 minutes or less from start to finish.
  • Completely automated: All of the installation commands can be added to the instance's init script to automate the installation process, allowing you to deploy easily at scale.
  • Environment agnostic: Granulate operates at the underlying OS level and therefore it is completely agnostic to your infrastructure and architecture. So we can optimize for Kubernetes and bare-metal based infrastructure, along with any type of architecture: on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid.
  • Supports any provisioning tool: To enable easy and automated deployment Granulate supports any provisioning tools and installation methods out there.

4. Evaluate Performance Gains on Several Machines

Once the success criteria and target workload are set, our agent is installed on several machines for proof of value. The agent analyzes the application bottlenecks and run environment, and then applies optimization logic. The results are then validated by a Granulate performance engineer and presented to the client.

5. Activating on the Entire Cluster

‌After the initial proof of value process, Granulate deployment is expanded to gain the full performance improvements across the entire cluster.

6. Performance Review and Benchmarking

Once the performance improvements have been implemented, it's time to meet face to face to summarize the POC :
  • Results and conclusions regarding the agreed-upon success criteria
  • Analysis and discussion of any application bottlenecks
  • Quantification of the Granulate service's value

Check Out Granulate Full POV Process Demo:

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