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How It Works

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The Secret Sauce Behind Granulate

Application-Driven Resource Management

Granulate provides a real-time continuous performance optimization solution that can effortlessly improve server throughput 5X, reduce latency by 40%, and cut cloud compute costs by up to 45% with no code changes required.
Granulate automatically learns the application’s specific resource usage patterns and data flow to identify contended resources, bottlenecks, and prioritization opportunities. Our solution then tailors runtime-level optimizations to improve the infrastructure’s application-specific performance and enable significant cost reduction.

Runtime-Level Scheduling Optimization

Granulate optimizes resource allocation decision-making at the runtime level. Improve the scheduling and prioritization decisions of resources managed by the runtime manager.

Optimization Features:

  • Thread scheduling: Custom thread scheduling, prioritized according to real-time application-specific processing stages.
  • Lockless networking: Optimized lockless network stack, enabling high throughput and extreme parallelism.
  • Inter-process communication: Efficient inter-process communication through modern protocols and shared memory that results in lower overhead and increased throughput.
  • Connection pooling: Intelligent connection pooling that eliminates establishment overhead without any changes to your application.
  • Congestion control: Autonomously crafted congestion control prioritizing between connections, adapting to the changing workload and network status.
  • Memory arenas: Improved memory allocations and accesses based on analyzed usage patterns tailored to your application.

Our Unique Differentiation

Simple Deployment

Granulate can be installed in less than a minute using a single command line. Customers can start from a single VM to see the ROI and benefits. We support all popular provisioning tools and installation methods for an automatic installation on your cluster: CLI, init scripts, integration to machine image, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, and Kubernetes DaemonSet.

No R&D Efforts

Throughout the entire process of implementing Granulate, you require 0 code changes, 0 maintenance, and 0 configurations. Our agent is dynamically loaded onto your system, and operates at the underlying OS level, requiring no administrative or technical overhead.

Past Initiative Agnostic

Granulate performs its optimization at the underlying operating system level. By doing so, we are able to tackle optimization of the technology stack from an angle that was not reached by other solutions on the market. Therefore, regardless of which best practices the customer follows, and any other cost-reduction solutions that have been deployed, Granulate helps achieve a 30-60% cost reduction benefit by optimizing new spaces across the stack.

Significant Cost Reduction

Granulate creates an average of 45% cost reduction per customer workload or service. This dramatic value enables our clients to utilize more of their machines while maintaining high QoS and to easily meeting SLAs.

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