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Granulate Activation & Deactivation

Learn the necessary steps to manage Granulate agents


Before you can control Granulate agents, you need to ensure that you have the following prerequisites:
  • A gCenter (Granulate dashboard) account
  • An Optimized Workload by Granulate

Step 1: Login To the gCenter (Granulate Dashboard)

Navigate to Granulate Dashboard, the gCenter. and log in using your Granulate account credentials

Step 2: Navigate to the Relevant Service/Cluster

Navigate to the relevant service/cluster in which you would like to change the state of the agents.
  1. 1.
    Select the relevant service/cluster in which you want to change the state of the agents. You can choose either Compute (for VM-based workloads) or Containers (for container-based workloads) from the left bar.
  2. 2.
    Then, use the service select box to select the relevant service name.

Step 3: Open the Instances Tab

Switch from an aggregated overview of the specific service metrics to a detailed table view of the deployed agents in the specific service. You can view various details about each instance, including its type, IP address, performance metrics, and Granulate status.

Step 4: Activate / Deactivate Agents

Control the agents' activation status to activate or deactivate them. This can be done by making changes to a specific agent or performing bulk actions. Here are the different options for activating or deactivating Granulate agents:
Granulate Activation
Activate specific instance/s only
Activate all instances
Granulate Deactivation
Deactivate specific instance/s only
Deactivate all instances
Please notice the following:
  • Deactivating Granulate will stop the optimization of your system's resource allocation, which result in reduced performance. However, if you need to temporarily disable the agent for troubleshooting or other reasons, simply follow the deactivation steps and reactivate the agent when you're ready.
  • Granulate activation and deactivation are performed gradually, with 5% of the instances being activated or deactivated every minute. It may take up to 20 minutes for all instances to change their state.
  • Once activated, Granulate will appear as active on the gCenter. However, you will need to restart the optimized process(es) for Granulate optimizations to take full effect. If spot/preemptible instances are being used, you can let the instances restart naturally.
    • The same applies to Granulate deactivation.
  • After activation/deactivation you will be able to see the state change on the overview page