Granulate gAgent installation on HDInsight allows seamless integration with plug-and-play support leveraging the HDInsight script actions. The gAgent HDInsights installation enables deploying Granulate agent on HDInsight cluster nodes by incorporating Granulate's bash CLI installation to the HDInsight step actions.


Granulate's gAgent can be added to an HDInsight cluster step action from either the Azure console or the Azure CLI.
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    New HDInsight Cluster - When creating an HDInsight cluster, from the Configuration + pricing tab select + Add script action. Use the Select a script entry to select a custom script by selecting Custom.
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    Running HDInsight Cluster - To apply the script action to a running cluster, choose the relevant cluster in the Azure portal, and then from the default view under Settings select Script actions. From the stop of the Script actions page, select + Submit new. Use the Select a script entry to select a custom script by selecting Custom.
To install Graulate's agent on your HDInsight cluster you would need the following arguments:
  • Client ID - A unique customer license key that is required for the agent's authentication.
  • Service ID - A customer-defined service identifier used to correlate all the agents that are installed in the same customer service
  • Download Bucket - The name of the S3 bucket containing the bootstrap scripts
In the Submit script action window - fill the following details with your customer-specific arguments:
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    Node Type: Head and Worker
  2. 3.
    Parameters - 'https://s3.amazonaws.com/<Download Bucket>/granulate_run_gagent.sh' '<Client_ID>' '<Service ID>' 'install'
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