The Granulate Ansible Playbook allows installing and configuring the Granulate's gAgent using Ansible. You can deploy it directly with an Ansible Playbook object YAML definition.


1. Create the Granulate gAgent Ansible Playbook: To install the Granulate Agent using Ansible you can use the gAgent Ansible Playbook template. In order to deploy Granulate gAgent using the templates you would need the following parameters:
  • Download Bucket - Granulate repository which stores the agent binary and installation script.
  • Client ID - A unique customer license key that is required for the agent's authentication.
  • Service ID - A customer-defined service identifier used to correlate all the agents that are installed in the same customer service.
Note: Make sure to edit the host׳s directive to choose the relevant hosts to install Granualate's gAgent on.
2. Deploy the gAgent Ansible Playbook with the following command. Use your specific Client ID license key and choose the relevant service name
ansible-playbook ansible_gagent.yml --extra-vars "granulate_client=<Client ID>
granulate_service=<Service Name>"
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